What Is a B-3 Bomber Jacket?
The B-3 style aviator jacket is a true classic that is both practical and durable. It has been a long time favorite on Northern Grip as this garment combines great style with a rich history. It was originally designed as a flight suit for bomber crews. Since then, the B-3 has been worn by both men and women who appreciate its functionality and fashionable flair.

From a Hippy Favorite To a Fashion Staple: How the Afghan Coat Conquered the West
The Afghan coat is one of the most ubiquitous coats in recent history, worn by everyone from John Lennon to Britney Spears. How did it become so popular and is it still trendy in 2022?
How To Care For A Leather Jacket
Vinegar is our secret weapon because it works both as a natural deodorizer and disinfectant. Mix one part vinegar to five parts water and spray it all over the lining of your jacket. Hang your jacket outside to dry.