Northern Grip is a family-owned premium quality vintage store from Latvia, Europe. Our main goal is to promote conscious consumption through sustainable practices. Let us tell you all about it.

vintage clothing shop from Latvia

Our story began a little over 10 years ago. Following her long-standing passion for fashion, history, and sustainability, our founder Beāte decided to make it her full-time job to find exceptional and long-lasting vintage goods to offer to individuals who also value a 'do no harm' lifestyle. And with the tireless support of her husband Raitis, Northern Grip was able to grow into a space that brings together responsible people who appreciate great style and conscious living.

Vintage Clothing Shop

Our mission is to practice sustainability at every step. We value all the relationships we’ve built with our customers, partners, employees, and strive to put kindness and ethics above all else. We want to help people express their personal style without compromising the well-being of the planet. That's why we look for the best vintage pieces that were made more than 20 to 50 years ago and are still perfectly wearable thanks to the excellent craftsmanship and materials used. Each item is carefully checked for imperfections and repaired where necessary, saving it from the landfill and giving it a chance to be worn for many years to come. Now that's what we call sustainable fashion.

vintage clothing shop from latvia

Our team Beāte, Raitis, Sintija, Monta, Anda, Karlīna, Lūcija, Danute, Jēkabs, Inta, Agnese, Elizabete, Vita is a fun, like-minded group of old and new friends, vintage enthusiasts that make sure to add a personal touch in everything they do. From sewing loose buttons to exceptional customer care. Every day spent together is a day of new ideas, clever solutions, and never-ending laughter. A true dream team for sure.


We love what we do and do it with a great sense of responsibility for the environment, our team members, and you, our customer, to bring you the vintage you deserve!