Where We Come From + Where We’re Going

What happens to you when you wear something vintage? 

Do you feel it—the history? 

Does it awaken your mind in wonder at where it’s been, what it’s seen, and inspire you to keep its legacy alive by living your best life in it? 

We believe an article of vintage clothing holds positive power, just by virtue of it still being around. Passing that to you so that you feel empowered every time you put it on makes us love what we do at NorthernGrip (even more than the trips we take around the world to source it for you!). 

There’s regular vintage, and then there’s exceptional vintage. The kind of gems that set us—and you—apart. Apparel that undeniably speaks its strength through time and lends that strength to you each time you put it on. That is the vintage you will find at Northern Grip.

With more than 30,000 items sold over a decade of hard work and success in the vintage industry, we’ve honed our approach and only grown in our passion for all aspects of exceptional vintage clothing—construction, details, materials, and most critically: Sustainability.  

NorthernGrip is all in on creating a universe in which we do no harm, and work to reverse the harm that’s been done. We use the best of the past to make the best of the future—and we hope you’ll join us on that journey.