The Northern Grip team is a small group of  Latvian-based vintage enthusiasts and old time friends who are working together to offer a high quality, durable vintage clothing for those who are on the search for something beyond the often boring offer of big retailers. 

Vision of Northern Grip team is to promote vintage as both as an ethical choice and exciting fashion statement. Our aim is to bridge fashion history with the present to help those in search for authentic style and a sustainable commerce.

We have 12 year experience selling vintage online in various platforms like Etsy, Ebay, ASOS Marketplace as well as wholesale and brick-and-mortar shops. 


The business idea is an integral part of our lifestyle and reflects the values that we hold dear: environmentally friendly commerce, individuality and  friendship. We all are working hard in getting that vintage gem that you love in our store – from scouting the garments near and far (we don't order from wholesalers), doing a quality control and washing them to finding the best photoshoot location and listing them on our site.


The packaging and postage is also a part of our eco-friendly pledge since we are using a biodegradable plastic and recycled cardboard boxes for our shipments.  

 vegan packaging-eco-friendly-vintage-old-fashion-clothing-store


Among our carefully curated vintage garments everyone can find a match – whether from 60s, 70s and 80s men and women classics or something closer to home – 90s and Y2K. All these clothes represent a certain era of the past that can be merged with the present in creating unique styling combinations while keeping the carbon footprint in check.