How To Style A Sheepskin Coat?


Winter is in full swing and it is high time to gear up for some unforgiving winter temperatures. As we have established in our earlier blog posts, sheepskin coats are among the best choices for winter as well as for in-between weather. Sheepskin coats or shearling coats are unparalleled in their ability to be both warm and practical as well as fabulous and long-lasting. In this post, we will take a look at four ways on how to pair a vintage sheepskin coat with tops, pants, and footwear to achieve charming effortlessness and manly confidence. Before we dive in, remember that these are just mere suggestions, a few road posts on your journey where you are free to experiment and find your own distinct voice in street fashion.


This particular style involves a sheepskin aviator jacket aka B3 bomber jacket that is paired with a printed band t-shirt. By adding black ankle boots and, say, Levi's 501 jeans you will get a combination that oozes old-school sex, drugs and a rock'n'roll vibe and will be a certain head-turner. If the weather is particularly grim substitute the t-shirt for a band-themed sweatshirt and choose interesting winter accessories like a nonchalant scarf and black leather gloves.



You can not go wrong with these two classics – denim and a mid-length vintage sheepskin coat that is a match made in heaven for a transitional season. Add a white t-shirt or a henley shirt for a classic masculine outfit that transcends decades and trends. Let your imagination run wild and add accessories of your choice to achieve the desired look. Oxford or Chelsea boots will make an excellent addition and retain visual coherence perfectly.


A combination of thick knitwear, jeans, and a sheepskin coat will ensure comfort in colder weather. A newsboy hat adds an allusion to the Peaky Blinders era, and a whiskey flask in the inner chest pocket although hidden will make for a perfect complimentary accessory. Similarly, with the aforementioned pairings, add classic ankle boots for a stunning and personality-defining look that will shine through the crowd. Oh, yes, and don't forget about the pocket chain – it's a devil hiding in the details.


If you are looking for an elegant-meets-sheepskin combination, consider wearing a button-down shirt and suit pants (patterned or solid). Band collar shirts will especially compliment this look by adding a pinch of bohemian undertones. As for the shoes, brogues or Oxfords is the best choice since they always look great with classic-style pants. Throw your favorite accessories in the mix and you will get a convincing fashion statement that will stand the test of time.