Iconic Shearling Jackets in TV Shows
In this blog post, we'll take a captivating journey through TV shows, exploring how shearling jackets and coats transcend mere outerwear and become symbols of fashion and character development.
What Makes Trench Coat a Timeless Classic?
Trench coats have been a fashion staple for over a century, and it's not hard to see why. These classic coats are stylish, versatile, and practical, making them the perfect addition to any wardrobe.
Patagonia: A Brand That Goes Beyond Fashion

When it comes to fashion brands that focus on sustainability, Patagonia is undoubtedly one of the most recognized ones. The brand started as a small company that produced climbing gear. However, it quickly expanded and gained popularity for its outdoor clothing and accessories. Today, Patagonia is a global brand that is known not only for its high-quality products but also for its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 

What Is a B-3 Bomber Jacket?
The B-3 style aviator jacket is a true classic that is both practical and durable. It has been a long time favorite on Northern Grip as this garment combines great style with a rich history. It was originally designed as a flight suit for bomber crews. Since then, the B-3 has been worn by both men and women who appreciate its functionality and fashionable flair.

How To Style A Sheepskin Coat?
Winter is in a full swing and it is high time to gear up for some unforgiving winter temperatures. In this post, we will take a look at four ways on how to pair a vintage sheepskin coat with tops, pants, and footwear to achieve charming effortlessness and manly confidence.
Four Ways To Wear a Penny Lane Coat
There are innumerable ways to fabulously style a Penny Lane sheepskin coat. In this blog post, we have gathered four ideas as inspiration for experimenting with this iconic garment.
The Exquisite Loden Coat
A classic wool coat is one of the most popular go-to options for a winter wardrobe and lately, it has seen a comeback in the fashion world. One of the most sought-after and popular wool types is Loden wool. Loden has a long and rather intriguing history that spans many centuries.
From a Hippy Favorite To a Fashion Staple: How the Afghan Coat Conquered the West
The Afghan coat is one of the most ubiquitous coats in recent history, worn by everyone from John Lennon to Britney Spears. How did it become so popular and is it still trendy in 2022?
The Story of Levi's
It is an undoubted axiom that jeans are one of the fashion world's cult classic phenomena and the story of jeans can not be told without mentioning Levi's – the company that started the everlasting jeans trend. Everyone knows the...
Make Trends Sustainable Again
There is a possibility to redefine the idea of the “trend” in a way that it can coexist with the environmental challenges that we are facing today. And the way to do it is by embracing the idea of shopping vintage
From Suede With Love
The answer to why we should love suede jackets is that they look amazing, feel comfortable, and age with grace. If you feel like having one for yourself, you are welcome to browse through our selection
How To Care For A Leather Jacket
Vinegar is our secret weapon because it works both as a natural deodorizer and disinfectant. Mix one part vinegar to five parts water and spray it all over the lining of your jacket. Hang your jacket outside to dry.
Leather Jackets Through the Decades
Leather jackets are one of the most long-living fashion staples in the modern world. It has been around the civilian fashion market since the first half of the 20th century when Irving Schott presented his eternal Perfecto jacket. Before that...
Top 5 Leather Outfits for 2022
Leather jackets and coats have always been in trend and this year is no exception. Whether it's a classic side zip biker jacket, leather coat, bomber jacket, or leather blazer jacket – they all have their place in the street fashion...
The Legendary Biker Jacket
THE BEGINNINGS Leather biker jacket or moto jacket, without a doubt, is the most iconic leather outfit that has survived the test of time and still after almost 100 years is in high demand. The original biker jacket was made...
The Most Iconic Shearling Coats in Movies
WHAT IS A SHEARLING COAT? In this article we will dive into the representation of the shearling coats in the world of cinema and celebrity culture. But before that let's get clear about the very meaning of the term 'shearling'....
Men's Shearling Coat – From the Prehistoric Age to Nowadays
THE RISE OF SHEEPSKIN COATS Men sheepskin coats (a.k.a. shearling coats) are currently highly trending in the fashion circles. It seems that every appearance-conscious person is trying to get his hand on a lovely shearling coat. The reason for this...
5 Reasons why Duffel Coats are so Unbelievably Cool
Duffel (also duffle) coats are usually associated with Britain since all the big names such as Gloverall, Original Montgomery, Mackintosh are coming from the UK. However, the DNA of this coat dates back to the Polish military frock coat from...
The Return of the Penny Lane Coat
PENNY LANE COAT IN A FASHION SPOTLIGHT Those who are following the outerwear fashion trends on the social media platforms for the last two years, have definitely seen the revival of the shearling coats. This is especially true about specific...
Finders Keepers. Our Top 7 Exciting Vintage Finds
In our line of vintage clothing business, it is quite often that we find something left in the pockets by the previous owners. When people donate their unwanted clothing, they tend to forget something from their everyday lives. Sometimes it is...
Military Surplus: From Dim Warehouses to the Streetwear Spotlight
  WHAT IS MILITARY SURPLUS  Military surplus is defined as clothing items and other army-related goods that are being sold to civilian population when an armed force of a given state are no longer in need of them.  The reason...