Four Ways To Wear a Penny Lane Coat

The late autumn is here, winter lurks just around the corner and as always there are many reasons to lament the passing of summer. However, if you are into shearling coats, then you have probably been waiting for this season to finally put on that astonishing sheepskin Penny Lane coat retrieved from the depths of your closet. There are innumerable ways to fabulously style a sheepskin coat and the rule of thumb is to always go for looks that match your persona and radiate your inner attitude. In this blog post, we have gathered a few ideas as inspiration for further experiments with this iconic garment.


This combination of a lush Penny Lane coat with a vintage '70s printed raglan t-shirt and classic denim jeans is a witty throwback to a decade when sheepskin coats became popular among the Western music stars and rebellious youth of the era. You can add your favorite references from the '60s and '70s to complement the shearling coat since these decades and sheepskin coats go hand in hand.


With the following one, we have taken a leap from the '60s and '70s to a Y2K where sheepskin coats are paired with flare jeans typical of the noughties. This elegant and feminine iteration of the sheepskin coat in the '00s was a spectacular comeback after its decline in popularity in previous decades. If you happen to be a Gen Z'er obsessed with a Y2K fashion, then sheepskin coats can be easily integrated into this style with some fashion classics from the early 2000s.


If you are planning to indulge in an expensive night out with crème de la crème of whatever, then this disco-inspired party combo is a good tip in the right direction. Golden art-deco patterned pants with an indulgent Penny Lane sheepskin coat certainly mediates luxury combined with being the soul of the party.


This next combination where a black sheepskin coat is combined with knee-high lace-up boots and a slip dress is for the fans of the '90s fashion. This pairing remains within the limits of being feminine whilst having some grunge undertones that were a particular trait of the '90s fashion. You can easily go further and pair your black Penny Lane with a printed 90s t-shirt or a black hoody to add some goth-meets-grunge notes – the possibilities are endless.

As you can see, sheepskin coats are extremely flexible when it comes to styling. While their genetics in the West is related to the counter-culture of the youth in the '60s and '70s, shearling coats can be paired to fit any setting from street fashion to luxurious venues. A fact that may throw off some people is that sheepskin coats can cost quite a penny, but luckily there is an option to get a wide variety of vintage sheepskin coats at for a fraction of the price.