From Suede With Love


Although the classic suede as we know it today has originated in Sweden around the 18th century, North American Indians had already developed a very similar technique of reversing deer-hides and making garments with a soft, napped finish. In Europe, the term “suede” is etymologically linked to the French phrase “gants de Suede” which translates to “gloves of Sweden”. The Swedish-French link can be explained by the fact that the suede leather gloves made by Swedish tanners became a hit among the French aristocracy and since then the material bears the name of Sweden.


In the 19th century leather and suede leather became a popular garment material in the American frontier culture that is reflected in countless Western movies. When we think of suede jackets, the first association usually is Wild West scenery with a gunslinger or cowboy running amok on a horse. This association is still strong in our age and suede leather jackets (especially fringed) are one of the centerpieces in Western-inspired fashion with particularly strong influences on the country music scene. If you are into cowboy and country music aesthetics, then skipping suede is quite impossible.

SUEDE JACKET AS A FASHION STAPLE                                     

However, in the last 20 years or so, suede jackets have conquered the place in the urban fashion market, becoming one of the most sought-after luxury trends. While suede might not be as hard-wearing and weather-resistant as leather, it is much softer and has a more luxurious feel to it. Suede leather will not crack as easily as regular leather and will serve for years if being treated properly

Vintage suede jacket

Another suede-specific property is its ability to bridge seasons. The suede jacket is an excellent choice for crossing from winter to spring since the material is versatile and has great thermoregulatory properties. As for the pairings and layering, the sky is the limit when it comes to suede jackets.

For example, a suede bomber jacket will perfectly match with a loose t-shirt, polo shirt or hoodie. A classic collared 70's style suede jacket can be easily married with a t-shirt or a casual flannel or with an Oxford shirt and a tie – everything is possible! 

If you need to dress up for a more formal event but are tired of blazers, a suede jacket can be a more trendy alternative to pair with chinos and classic brogues. 

vintage suede jacket


So, the answer to why we should love suede jackets is that they look amazing, feel comfortable, and age with grace. If you feel like having one for yourself, you are welcome to browse through our selection of mens vintage suede jackets and womens vintage suede jackets. You will find a generous offer of suede bomber jackets, collared vintage 70's suede jackets, and a few fringed suede leather jackets and suede overshirts.

vintage suede jacket