Iconic Shearling Jackets in TV Shows

Step into the world portrayed on the silver screen, where shearling jackets reign supreme as iconic fashion pieces. These luxurious yet practical garments have become synonymous with style, warmth, and character. In this blog post, we'll take a captivating journey through TV shows, exploring how shearling jackets and coats transcend mere outerwear and become symbols of fashion and character development.

Making a Fashion Statement

"Sex and the City" revolutionized the fashion world, and the characters' wardrobes became iconic. Among the fashion-forward ensembles, shearling coats made their mark. Carrie Bradshaw and her friends were spotted sporting cozy and luxurious shearling coats that added a touch of effortless sophistication to their New York City looks. From classic shearling aviator styles to modern takes on the trend, these pieces added warmth and glamour to their fashionable escapades.


In the highly anticipated “Gossip Girl” reboot, the fashion-forward characters once again take the spotlight with their enviable wardrobes. Among the standout fashion pieces, sheepskin outerwear makes a stylish appearance. Whether it's the enigmatic influencers sporting luxurious shearling-trimmed coats or the fashion-savvy students exuding confidence in their shearling jackets, these characters set trends and redefine Upper East Side style. The fashion in the Gossip Girl reboot captures the essence of the new generation in the glamorous world of social media and high-stakes fashion.


Shearling Coats as Practical Allies

In the hit TV show "Yellowstone," the characters embrace the rugged style of the American West, and the iconic shearling jackets make appearances throughout the series. From the main character John Dutton's timeless shearling jacket, exuding strength, and authority, to the chic shearling-lined coats worn by the female characters, these garments perfectly capture the essence of the show's rugged aesthetic and the practicality one’s wardrobe has to have in a more challenging environment.


Another example of a shearling coat used to show a character's need for a practical wardrobe can be seen in the critically acclaimed TV adaptation of "Normal People". When the main character Marianne moves to study in Sweden during winter, she can be seen wearing a plush Penny Lane-style sheepskin coat. It can be viewed as both - warm winter outerwear, and a cozy shield Marianne needs to hide her sorrows.


Time Capsule of Bygone Era

Set in the 1970s music scene, "Daisy Jones and The Six" featured vintage-inspired fashion, including the luxurious shearling coat worn by Miss Daisy Jones herself. The rock 'n' roll vibes were amplified with the characters sporting retro-style shearling jackets and coats, exuding a cool and edgy aura. These statement pieces perfectly complemented the era's rebellious spirit and added an extra layer of rockstar charisma.


Set in the 1970s, "That '70s Show" celebrated the fashion trends of the era, and shearling jackets were no exception. The characters embraced the retro vibes with their shearling-trimmed jackets and coats, channeling the free-spirited and groovy style of the time. Whether they were hanging out in Eric Forman's basement or cruising around town, the characters looked effortlessly cool in their shearling outerwear.


Style as Self-Expression

"Modern Love" explores the complexities of human relationships, and fashion plays a subtle but significant role in character development. In episode three of the series, a character named Lexi Donohoe is struggling with the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. During Lexi’s manic episodes, her wardrobe is colorful and luxurious including a bold shearling coat portraying her uplifted spirits in contrast to the sweatpants and messy hair that is the best she can manage during the depression phase.


"Gilmore Girls" captured the hearts of viewers with its heartwarming stories and endearing characters. After leaving the comfort of her parent's home and her pre-planned life, the show’s main character Lorelai Gilmore becomes a small-town rebel who uses fashion to make a statement. Her Y2K wardrobe is full of pop-culture references and trends of the time, including the iconic variation of the Penny Lane shearling jacket.


While "Seinfeld" may be best known for its comedic genius, it also left its mark on fashion. In the show, the character Cosmo Kramer was often seen donning oversized shearling coats, becoming his signature look. These eccentric coats added a touch of quirkiness to the show's ensemble, embodying Kramer's larger-than-life personality and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.


Shearling jackets in TV shows have become iconic, defining characters' styles and capturing viewers' attention. From the fashion-forward ensembles of "Sex and the City" to the rugged charm of "Yellowstone," these coats add sophistication and practicality. Whether symbolizing eras or serving character development, shearling jackets are synonymous with fashion-forward storytelling.