Make Trends Sustainable Again

The dangers of trends

For an eco-conscious person, the concept of a trend is a sensitive topic. The idea of modern trend culture is birthed by the fast fashion industry and serves its unsustainable business model. Fast fashion business strives to produce more and more clothing and create a discourse that obliges people to shed the old trend and buy the next one and this cycle continues indefinitely.

However, there is a possibility to redefine the idea of the “trend” in a way that it can coexist with the environmental challenges that we are facing today. And the way to do it is by embracing the idea of shopping vintage. You can still follow the trends, but getting rather few high-quality vintage items is much more sustainable than spending the same money for heaps of soon-to-be-discarded clothing. So, with this in mind, let us take a look at some trend forecasts for 2022.

Waking up from pandemic slumber

According to the style experts, this year men's fashion will be centred around overcoming the last two years of limited socialization and spending most of the time indoors. Because people are longing to make a statement and express themselves, we will see the popularity of bold and daring colors as well as expressive outfits in terms of geometry in details. One of the style trends will be clothing with a distinguished shoulder geometry so for vintage-lovers this is high time to buy a vintage 80s blazer or coat with massive shoulder pads.

Back to the roots

If you are willing to showcase your critique of the gender binary, then 2022 could be a year when to try something gender-bending. However, since the opposition of gender binary is becoming somewhat a mainstream trend in the West, emphasizing the said binary can be a rebellious act and declaration of non-conformity.

In the light of that, for 2022 you may as well try something classically feminine and masculine as a daring fashion statement to shock the world. If you are looking out for this type of classic-meets-contemporary vintage clothing, Northern Grip is exactly the place where to start your search. We are focused on trend-transcending vintage garments that can be easily morphed into the wardrobe of 2022 and beyond.

Vntage Men Shirt

Denim again

Another wave that is sweeping through the vintage fashion world is vintage denim and especially Levis. Either the iconic 501 or other – they all will be on the rise in 2022. Forget the skinny fit denim since in 2022 baggy jeans will reign supreme as it has over the last few years. Do not forget about denim jackets as well – a good jean jacket in your wardrobe is a must for this year.

A denim jacket over a t-shirt with baggy denim pants and chunky boots like Dr. Martens can be a game-changer this year. Denim has always been a garment of choice for layering and individual experiments, so this year is no different. Take a look at our recently added collection of classic vintage denim pants from Levis, Wrangler, and Lee, and prepare yourself for this year's denim explosion.

vintage denim jacket

Corduroy and workwear

Last year we saw the popularity of everything corduroy – cord shirts, jackets, pants, and even coats. Corduroy has captured the minds of fashion lovers with it's durability and subtle chic that evokes a certain nostalgia and cord appeal is here to stay for the 2022.

Apart from corduroy, we shouldn't forget the chore jackets and coats that are one of the best garments for layering.Their unparalleled ability to elevate any casual street style combinations are well known among fashion enthusiasts. The popularity of the hard-wearing workwear with a time patina is a testimony to the idea that function dictates fashion and that it's possible for a garment to look better as time goes by. In NorthernGrip you will find classic ink and navy blue chore jackets and coats, as well as vintage military work coats in khaki green and olive drab. For those who need something more expressive in terms of colors, we have a few green and red work coats.

Vintage work jacket

Capsule wardrobe

However, no matter how cool and trendy we are striving to be, today our fashion trends must be shaped in a way that they are mindful of our responsibility towards the health of the planet. Probably the most important trend we all should aspire to apart from buying vintage is the concept of “capsule wardrobe”.

It is an idea that urges people to buy high-quality preferably pre-owned clothing and limit their wardrobe to the just-enough minimum. Having in your closet durable and timeless pieces that you actively wear and do not discard after one season is the only sustainable trend if we wish to find a balance between expressing ourselves via fashion and keeping this place liveable for future generations.