5 Reasons why Duffel Coats are so Unbelievably Cool

Duffel (also duffle) coats are usually associated with Britain since all the big names such as Gloverall, Original Montgomery, Mackintosh are coming from the UK. However, the DNA of this coat dates back to the Polish military frock coat from the first half of the 19th century.

It was in 1850 when British outerwear manufacturer John Partridge developed the first version of the modern type duffle coat. After that duffel coats became a staple in the British navy and both world wars and in the 60ties large quantities became available to the civilians as a military surplus. They were quickly appropriated by the British youth in the 50s 60s. 

At the time Gloverall sold large quantities of this state's surplus stock and eventually started to produce their own model with leather fastening and buffalo horn toggle buttons. Duffle coats are loved by everyone no matter the age, gender, and social status. Even Paddington Bear has one so here are the five reasons why you should definitely have it too.


If you are looking for a coat that is indestructible and will serve you a lifetime then you should seriously consider getting yourself one of these. A good duffel is made of thickly woven felt-like wool fabric that has impeccable wear resistance. Of all the duffel coats that I had during my lifetime, I can't recall a single instance when I had to throw them away because of heavy wear, holes, or disintegrated seams.

I've parted ways with my coats for the same reasons why some couples are getting divorced after 20 years of marriage – I just grew tired of having the same coat for too many years. I took them to the charity shop knowing that someone will have their five or more happy years with this amazing coat. Or these can actually be passed from generation to generation like an antique Art Noveau buffet.

Imagine seeing your kid in a coat that was yours when you were young and had a time of your life. You could never do the same with one of those soft polyester blend coats that attract so much dust, dog hair, and god knows what else that it looks like you've been sleeping rough on a street for while.


When it comes to the winter coat with a hood then basically there are only two options – it's either a parka or a duffel coat. Hoods may seem not such a big deal, but when you are from the northern parts of Europe, it's often a matter of having a really terrible or unforgettable outdoor experience. Northern winds know no mercy so keeping your head warm is of utmost importance.

Parkas will do the job of hooding up your head and keeping you warm, but duffel coats offer a 2in1 solution – a classy-looking coat AND a hood – how cool is that? So if you are not in the mood for a parka coat but still need something to cover your head, then a duffel coat is a way to go. Stone Island duffel coats have an option to flatten and snap the hood in case it is not needed making it even more versatile.

Some duffles come with detachable hoods, but the classic model has it as an integral part, and think that this is how it should be. Removing a hood from a duffle coat seems a bit barbaric and disrespectful to this iconic garment.

stanley kubrick duffle coat

(Stanley Kubrick in a duffle coat)


Duffel coats are a great choice for northerners since their thermal resistance properties are well suited for winters and harsh windy weather. No wonder it was invented in the UK, a place with Europe's most wayward climate. The thickly woven wool fabric together with a hood will deliver decent protection against low temperatures.

With a duffel coat, you are covered, nothing can touch you. It's like having one of those magic cloaks that can turn you invisible or give you other superpowers. The difference is that this is not a fairy tale but a real-world and sometimes all you need is warmth and the feeling of being secure.

Duffel coat will be your companion wherever you are and will never let you down. If you require and extra warmth, then you should look up insulated duffel coats – whether padded or with faux or a genuine sheepskin. There are even all-sheepskin duffel coats – a rear but possible find; we've had a few over time.

men duffle coat vintage wool coat hood overcoat winter


Toggle buttons along with the hood are the thing that defines a duffel coat. They can be of different materials: wood, plastic, bone, leather, or even metal. The chunky toggle buttons and raw loop fastenings are the quirks that make the duffel coat stand out among other types of coats.

Toggles are durable, long-lasting, and effective. They emit a certain raw nonchalance in contrast to zippers and regulars buttons that in comparison look so basic. Once you go toggle button, you never go back – that is what I usually say.

Also, toggles are probably the most masculine buttons in the world since they look like the fangs of a ferocious animal you've just killed with your bare hands. So yes, a duffel coat will increase your mating prospects because it is sending signals to the female population about your supreme evolutionary fitness.

men duffle coat


Duffels are not too long or too short. Long coats tend to obstruct movement, and short bomber-type jackets are prone to exposing non-existing six-pack during certain body movements. Duffel coats have none of this since they have a perfect length. They allow you to move whilst keeping the untrained body parts out of sight.

Duffel coats just look amazing, they have a military-inspired silhouette with a strict geometry that makes them a perfect smart casual and streetwear choice. You just can't go wrong with it, this coat will improve your social life, increase sexual prospects and make you a better human being as such.