The Legendary Biker Jacket


Leather biker jacket or moto jacket, without a doubt, is the most iconic leather outfit that has survived the test of time and still after almost 100 years is in high demand. The original biker jacket was made in 1928. by Irving Schott and the main features has remained unchanged. This classic jacket still has a asymmetrical zipper, chunky hardware and edgy rebellious looks.

Marlon Brando, James Dean and many other early Hollywood celebrities have immortalised this jacket. They have made it one of the most symbolically charged fashion items comparable only to that of denim pants. Leather biker jacket is definitely an American classic, an essence of the Americana culture with its emphasis of being on the move and driving off to the sunset on the dusty desert road. The main feature of the Schott's new leather motorcycle jacket was a zipper fastening that made it more functional and easy to wear while being on a motorcycle.

Vintage Biker Jacket James Dean                                                                                         


The decade that propelled leather biker jacket in to the mainstream fashion was definitely 50's. At the time Marlon Brando appeared as a a mischievous gang leader in The Wild One wearing a Schott jacket that was called Perfecto. This was the time when leather motorcycle jacket had its rebellious bad boy attitude cemented for the rest of the fashion history.

Elvis Presley was another popular icon who made leather biker jacket so popular among young folks that strived for freedom and lust for life in the booming USA post-war culture. The classic road narrative that permeates American culture was elevated to the new heights with Jack. Cerouac's novel “On the Road”. The story furthered the importance of road aesthetics and fashion where leather jacket was one of the central elements.



During the 60ies biker jackets and leather jackets in general became a hit among the youth of the counter-culture and later in 70ies. During these years biker jacket became a popular choice for newly emerging punk aesthetics. Such bands like Sex Pistols and Ramones wore these jackets as a statement and protest against the stiffness and restraint of the middle class culture.

Practicality and strength that made biker jacket suitable for motorcycle adventures proved to be no less useful for heavy rock'n'roll purposes. A good moto jacket can take a burning cigarette or falling asleep too close to the fireplace in a festival.

Sex Pistols Leather Biker Jacket


After all these years leather biker jackets are still as popular as ever and people are keen on having one. Everyone from Hollywood A listers to everyday regular normal guys are rediscovering this classic fashion icon and making it a staple for their wardrobe. In NorthernGrip we are offering a wide variety of vintage biker jackets and any other type of leatherwear for any occasion so it's time to leather up!