The Most Iconic Sheepskin Coats in Movies

Before we dive into the representation of the sheepskin coats in the world of cinema and celebrity culture, let's get clear about the very meaning of the term 'sheepskin'. In terms of definition, a sheepskin coat is a coat made of (surprise, surprise) sheep or lambskin with the layer of fleece left intact during the processing of the pelt. However, contrary to the common usage of the term, 'shearling' is not exactly a synonym for sheepskin as it refers to the skin of young sheep that has been shorn just once before its demise. Nevertheless, these terms often are used interchangeably and there's nothing wrong with that as long as we understand each other.


In previous blog chapters about sheepskin coats, we looked upon different aspects of sheepskin coats – the overall history of the garment and a deeper analysis of some particular types of sheepskin coats i.e. the Afghan coat and Penny Lane coat. In today's entry, we'll be focusing on men sheepskin coats in the cinema. It is not surprising that sheepskin coat being such an iconic outerwear piece has seen a fair share of representation in 20th-century cinema.


One of the most legendary screen representations of the men's sheepskin coat is the 1965 classic “Once a Thief” with Marlon Brando as the main protagonist - a bad boy turned good guy named Eddie. In this movie we see Eddie wearing a classic men's sheepskin coat that we can assume (since the movie is shot in B&W) is somewhat light brownish-beige with large wooden-like buttons and pockets with a slightly slanted opening to fit the natural angle of the hands. If you are looking for the men sheepskin coat that resembles this particular one, we suggest you to check out our wide selection of vintage men's sheepskin coats where you will most likely find a coat that embodies Brando's screen persona.




Another unforgettable screen classic with equally stunning men sheepskin coat is the 1970 movie “Love Story” that is, well, a love story with a tragic tear-jerking finale. In this drama, set in rather chilly New England and New York, we see a talented Ryan O'Neil as a preppy Harvard student Oliver Barret who is falling in love, suffering at the hands of fate and, what's most importantly, wearing a sharp as hell men sheepskin coat. He combines his sheepskin coat with a Shetland sweater, cable knit crew neck, and cord pants thus nailing that perfect preppy look. His sheepskin coat in a way matches his persona – it is down to earth, with a modest collar, and has a basic length. A particular detail that catches the eye, are the heavily angled pockets perfectly aligned to match the trajectory of warmth-seeking hands. If you searching for looks that resemble Oliver, then you are in the right place, because in our vintage men sheepskin coat collection you will find men sheepskin coats in similar colorways with exact pocket design.




The list of great men sheepskin coats in movies would not be complete without mentioning two unforgettable characters with persona-matching sheepskin coats who are stark opposites to the Love's Story's good guy Oliver and his “normal” sheepskin coat. I am talking about Thom Hardy's Bane in the 2012 movie epic “The Dark Knight Rises” and Steve Buscemi's character Carl Showaiter in the 1996 crime comedy “Fargo”. To represent the twisted minds of these characters, their sheepskin coats are designed to look more expressive and out of ordinary. Bane's high collar sheepskin coat with chunky cargo pockets was specifically designed for the film and resembles a mix between steampunk aesthetics and a dusty post-apocalyptic vibe.



While Bane's sheepskin coat is a novelty item that can only be found in replica shops, Steve Buscemi's dark brown sheepskin coat with inverted seams has many look-alikes among our collection of vintage men sheepskin coats. So, if you are looking to source a vintage men's sheepskin coat that resembles your favorite movie character's wardrobe, be sure to check out our vast vintage men sheepskin coat stock where you will most likely find your perfect one.



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