Top 5 Leather Outfits for 2022

Leather jackets and coats have always been in trend and this year is no exception. Whether it's a classic side zip biker jacket, leather coat, bomber jacket, or leather blazer jacket – they all have their place in the street fashion world. In our shop, we are offering a wide range of vintage leather outfits starting from rare 50's leather coats and 70's leather blazer jackets to classic side zip biker jackets, bombers, and regular 90's leather jackets.

Jackets made of leather are practical, durable and they just look amazing. If you invest in time and a little bit of money, you can easily find that special leatherwear that will serve you a lifetime. Here we'll have a look at some wicked leather jackets and coats from our stock that are trending right now and will be on fire also next year.


Any article about leather jackets would be incomplete without mentioning suede leather jackets. For Europeans, it is a comparatively new material that originated somewhere around the 18th century in Sweden. During that time Swedish tanners discovered that it is possible to reverse the hide and use the soft underside of the leather to create a luxurious gloves favored among the French aristocracy.

During the later years, the application of suede was expanded to outerwear and suede kicked off as a luxurious counterpart of regular leather. Nowadays clothes made of suede come in many shapes and forms: suede bomber jackets, suede fringe jackets, suede parkas, and suede blazer jackets just to name a few. Suede is a great choice for folks who are in search of a versatile outfit with a luxurious feel. Check out our store for great vintage suede jackets, shirts, and even coats.


As the '90s are coming back in fashion, so are the leather blazer jackets that have become a staple for an everyday urban wardrobe. They promise much and deliver even more since leather blazer jackets have proven to be practical, versatile while having an overall trendy flamboyance.

They are offering the perfect balance between laid-back slouchy looks and a clean-cut outfit geometry. We have a selection of blazer jackets from the 70's, the '80s, and '90s for men and women.


These vintage leather coats are among the oldest outfits in our stock – they usually date back from the 50's and '60s with some more “recent” exceptions from the '80s and '90s. They are an embodiment of old-school masculinity that has a definite biker gang vibe paired with a slight hint of Gestapo and NKVD aesthetics.

These vintage leather coats are practically indestructible and the fact that they have survived so far in such good condition is a sure sign that they will last at least as much. Leather overcoats can be paired with a wide range of streetwear outfits in creating the perfect urban looks.


Vintage leather bomber jackets have never fallen out of fashion and they are here to stay. They came into civilian fashion from WW1 and WW2 military pilots who needed them to not freeze to death in plane cockpits. Now bomber jackets have proliferated into street fashion with many different types and fabrics. There are silk bomber jackets, knit bombers, canvas bomber jackets, and many more but the original ones were from leather and had a sheepskin lining.

In our shop, we have vintage type B-3 sheepskin bomber jackets that carry a close resemblance to the original B-3 bomber jacket for high altitude bomber pilots. You will also find regular civilian-style leather bomber jackets as a casual outerwear option.


Leather biker jacket or moto jacket, without a doubt, is the most iconic leather outfit that has survived the test of time and still after 100 years is in high demand. The original biker jacket was made in 1928. by Irving Schott and the main features have remained unchanged: the asymmetrical zipper, chunky hardware, and edgy rebellious looks.

Our shop has quite a few vintage side zip biker jackets in the classic black and brown colorway. Check out here our extended blog article about the history of biker jackets.